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RnB Hits
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Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1956-57
This set brings together the finest R&B instrumentals recorded between 1956 and 1957, putting the spotlight both on long-forgotten records by established artists and fabulous obscurities by long-forgotten ones! It’s a cracking compilation from start to finish: Mid-West electric blues, Southern swamp rock, spicy New Orleans rhythms, sophisticated West-Coast productions and East Coast city blues, dominated by guitarists and saxophonists but interspersed with a few organists, accordionists, pianists, harmonicists and even a unitarist. All in all, 120 mighty instrumental stompers from 1956-57, R&B-style. Glorious stuff!

1956 Disc One  
1. Hey, Bo Eddie Bo
2. Unitar Rock Willie Joe
3. The Midnite Creeper  Johnny Otis
4. Harlem Nocturne Earl Bostic
5. Mr. Bumps Edgar Blanchard
6. Destination Mars Frosty & Diamonds
7. Congo Mombo Guitar Gable
8. Strollin'  Doc Bagby
9. Strollin' With Nolen Jimmy Nolen
10. Tricky Gus Jenkins
11. Country Boogie Preston Love
12. Poor People Of Paris Chris Powell
13. Billy's Blues (Pt. 1) Billy Stewart
14. Get Up And Go Al Smith
15. Moore Boogie  Abe Moore
16. Elmo's Shuffle  Elmore James
17. Yardmaster  Jake Porter
18. The Big Wheel Clifton Chenier
19. Big Boy Bill Doggett
20. Driving Home (Pt. 1)  Charles Walker
21. Driving Home (Pt. 2) Charles Walker
22. Fiddlin' The Blues  Don & Dewey
23. The Vamp Lloyd Glenn
24. Succotash Roy Milton
25. Show Time Harold Jackson 
26. After Hours Express Frank Culley
27. After Hour Swing  Sam Price
28. Yo Yo Blues Tab Smith
29. Git With It Rock Murphy
30. The Beast Milt Buckner

1956 Disc Two    
1. Congo Mombo Muvva Hubbard
2. Lester's Stomp  Lazy Lester
3. Slummin'  Don & Dewey
4. Boogie Beat Levi Seabury
5. Smokey Room Lowell Fulson
6. Untitled  Chuck Berry
7. Midnight Googie Rene
8. Chicago Cha Cha Lefty Bates
9. Crowley Blues Clarence Locksley
10. Big Boy's Bounce  Big Boy Groves
11. Rock & Roll March  Rhythm Aces
12. Rock House Calvin Frazier
13. Cool Diggin' Maxwell Davis
14. Loco-Motion Irving Ashby
15. Waughely's Boogie Milliard Lee
16. Bluesy Louie Myers
17. Gum Shoe Sonny Thompson
18. Straight To Watts Jimmy O'Brien
19. Pie a la Mode Lorenzo Holden
20. Buddy's Boogie Buddy Johnson
21. Tie It Down  Pee Wee Crayton
22. St. Louis Blues Rock Murphy
23. Spanish Guitar Bo Diddley
24. Guitar Rhumba Earl Hooker
25. Creole Alley  Lee Allen
26. Harlem Nocturne J.J. Jones
27. Flying Saucer  Little Walter
28. Bubbis (Pt. 1) Jimmy Smith
29. Bubbis (Pt. 2) Jimmy Smith
30. Sweet Sixteen Bars Ray Charles

1957 Disc Three  
1. Geechi  Little Jesse
2. Bones & A Pick T-Bone Walker
3. Big Guitar Irving Ashby
4. Shake Dancer Little Walter
5. Side-Track Googie Rene
6. Night Beat Roy Gaines
7. Tank Town The Nite Riders
8. Magic Rocker Magic Sam
9. Mystery  Harold & Dimples
10. The Duke Walks Duke Jenkins
11. Deep Feeling Chuck Berry
12. Cha Cha Boogie Louis Carpenter
13. Elmore's Contribution  Elmore James
14. Midnight Happenins Crawford Brothers
15. Leaps And Bounds Bill Doggett
16. Wild Fire Piano Red
17. Jimmy's Jive Jimmy Nolen
18. Satellite  Red Prysock
19. Wishbone Bill Jennings
20. Flippin' Rene Hall
21. Road House Al Smith
22. Easy Go Willie Littlefield
23. Muscle Tough  Doc Bagby
24. Bingo Abe Moore
25. Malibu Bob Reed
26. One O'Clock Jump  Martini
27. Muskeeta  Johnnie Pate
28. Wa Wa (Pt. 1) Johnny Otis
29. Wa Wa (Pt. 2) Johnny Otis
30. Darkness J.J. Jones

1957 Disc Four  
1. Johnny's Thunderbird Johnny Heartsman
2. Changing Times  Cliff Driver
3. Rolling  Jimmie Tolliver
4. Back Up Eddie Chamblee
5. Good News R Bland
6. Shuckin' Joe Houston
7. Lucky Lou Jody Williams
8. Hard Head Jon Thomas
9. Tough Enough  Paul Gayten
10. Two-O-Five Jump The Trilyters
11. Guitar Slim Boogie Guitar Slim
12. Easy Pickin'  The Tazman
13. Hob Nob Kid King
14. Cockroach Run  Lafayette Thomas
15. Downstairs Plas Johnson
16. Give It Up Paul Williams
17. Minglin' Buddy Johnson
18. Wow (Pt. 1) Harold Rollins
19. Wow (Pt. 2) Harold Rollins
20. The Slop Louis Jordan
21. Midnite Flight  Noble Watts
22. Speak Low  Eddie Davis
23. Ends & Odds Jimmy Reed
24. Sloppy Clifton Chenier
25. Chicken Scratch Sammy Franklin
26. The Blooper Johnny Otis
27. Twistin' The Spots  Fats Domino
28. Rock-A-Bucket Ike Turner
29. Walk On Preston Brown
30. Walk Off Preston Brown


1957 BONUS Disc Two
1. Pay Day Shuffle (Pt. 1) Gus Jenkins
2. Pay Day Shuffle (Pt. 2) Gus Jenkins
3. Twitchy Rene Hall's Orch & Willie Joe
4. Cat Walk Jack Constanzo
5. Johnny's Blue Mood Johnny Heartsman
6. The Jam Louis Jordan
7. Frankie And Johnnie Choker Campbell
8. Huggin’  Little Jesse
9. Spinnin' Rock Boogie Bill Hendricks Orchestra
10. Slow Leake  Lafayette Leake
11. Irma Special  Roland Mitchell
12. Wiggle Walk Johnny Otis
13. Tall And Short Jesse Stone
14. Midnight Mover Groover  Crawford Brothers
15. Honky Tonk Hucklebuck Wild Jimmy Spruill
16. Two Piano Blues Floyd Dixon
17. Motatin' Irving Ashby
18. Sunrise Googie Rene
19. X-Cello Rock Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers
20. Oh Yeah (Pt. 1) Chris Columbo
21. Oh Yeah (Pt. 2) Chris Columbo
22. Zulu's Court Sticks Evans & House Rockers
23. Something Else  Duke Jenkins
24. Romp & Stomp Chico Chism & Jerry & Garland
25. Road Runner Gus Jenkins
26. Havana Hop Big Jay McNeely
27. Big Boy The Big Beats
28. Lonesome Whistler  Lonesome Sundown
29. Gainesville Roy Gaines
30. Sock Dance J.J. Jones


RnB Hits
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Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1963-64
Here’s a selection of cracking R&B instrumentals, and scarcely a chart hit amongst them. Guitar-led rockers from the West Coast, with fiery picking and heavy blues/rock riffs from Johnny Talbot, Travis Wammack and Roy Buchanan and some early fuzzbox action from Lou Josie of the Ho-Dads. There’s Louisiana sounds from Mac “Dr. John” Rebennack and Robert Parker with Mid-West guitar grooves by Tommy Tucker, Freddy King and Little Milton. Up in New York, you’ve got B.B. King, Wild Jimmy Spruill, and King Curtis blowing out on Soul Train. Dave Lewis and The Exotics were from Seattle and there’s even a Canadian group, future comedian Tommy Chong’s Little Daddy & The Bachelors. These are the records Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Dave Davies, Jeff Beck et al were listening to in 1964.

1963 Disc One  
1. Soul Train (Pts. 1 & 2) The Ramrods
2. Soul House Ed Pauling & The Exciters
3. Rockin' Awhile B.B. King
4. Midnight David Rockingham Trio
5. Braggin' The Temptations
6.Meddlin' Little Milton ‎
7. Walkin' Charlie Lucas Combo
8. Trottin' Jimmy McCracklin
9. Susie Q  The King Bees
10. Moanin'  Jody Williams
11. The Snake The Charmers
12. The Scratch  Long John Hunter
13. The Worm Big Bill
14. The Spook Pete Drake
15. The Shoe Shy (Pt. 2) Joe Hughes
16. Honky  The Ho-Dads
17. Tension The Nu-Trons
18. Hound Dog Twist  Whispering Smith
19. Mo Onions Booker T. & The M.G.'s
20. Crossroads Randolph Stiles
21. Bui Bui L. Hollis & Mackadoos
22. Ba Dada  Sam Kimble
23. Just About Daybreak The Mighty Trojans
24. Ginger Snap The Exotics
25. Chinese Checkers The Souljers
26. ‎Aw Shucks J. J. Jones & Combo
27. Back Slop Baby Earl & Trini-Dads
28. Back Slap South St. Six
29. Jammin'  Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez
30. The Ragman  Wardell & Royal Dukes

1963 Disc Two    
1. Bossa Nova Watusi  Freddy King
2. Trophy Run The Temps 
3. Cornbread Doc Bagby
4. High Sailing Claude & The Hightones
5. Big Nick James Booker
6. Whole Lotta Nothin' The Merced Blue Notes
7. Guitar Riff Jesse Thomas
8. Dawn The David Rockingham Trio
9. Up Town  The Ohio Untouchables
10. Theme From Exodus Trudy Pitts & Mr. Carney
11. Flip Flip Andy Belvin
12. Memphis The Dan-Dees
13. Hot Cakes!   Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez
14. Harmonica Twist  Whispering Smith
15. Show Down Buddy Lucas
16. Sack O' Woe Clifford Scott
17. Cheese Cake The Nite Sounds
18. Cut And Dried  Wild Jimmy Spruill
19. Syam's Blues King Syam
20. The Laughing Monkey Robert Parker
21. Shrimp Boat Mac Rebennack
22. Flapjacks (Pt. 2) Googie Rene
23. The Storm The Furys
24. Hideout Jody Williams
25. The Clap Huey ' Piano' Smith
26. Partying Groove R.D. Stokes
27. Crackerjack Ike Turner
28. In The Dog House Mack Johnson Combo
29. David's Mood   Dave Lewis
30. Pickin' Heavy Joe Scott

1964 Disc Three  
1. Junior's Jerk Little Daddy & Bachelors
2. Making Tracks Sammy Johns & Devilles
3. Watcha Wanna Do  Johnny Talbot
4. The Cricket 'Gatemouth' Brown
5. Soulful Chant David Rockingham Trio
6. Mo' Shorty  Tommy Tucker
7. Kicker  Big Bill Doggett
8. Chittlins Gus Jenkins
9. Manhole Freddy King
10. I've Been Thinking Doc Starkes & Nite Riders
11. Sizzlin' Johnny Hartsman
12. It Ain't My Fault  Smokey Johnson
13. Fire Fly  Travis Wammack
14. Cozy Lounge Blues  Kid Thomas
15. Blues For Sonny  Sonny Lantz
16. Frog Eyes Terrell Prude
17. Creepin'  The Jay-Hawks
18. The Last Minute The Mixtures
19. Big Beat Blues The Big Beats
20. Red Lips Tall Pall Hankins
21. Huggie's Bunnies  The Blendells
22. How About It  Big Bo Thomas
23. Beachcomber The Johnny Gibson Trio
24. The Monkey Shout  Bobby Davis
25. Cross Hands (Pt. 1) Big Moose McDowell
26. Snuff Willie Weems & Outlaws
27. Watermelon Man Miss Elsie Smith
28. World Boogie Bukka White
29. Hi-Heel Sneakers  Mickey Tucker
30. Gorilla Walk The Blockbusters ‎

1964 Disc Four  
1. Muddy (Pt. 1) The Blockbusters ‎
2. Muddy (Pt. 2) The Blockbusters ‎
3. Sen-Sa-Shun  The Mixtures
4. Toe Jam Elliott Shavers & Bossmen
5. Joy De Vie David Rockingham Trio
6. Sugar Hips Louisiana Red
7. Stand Tall The Cals
8. Teen Scene Noble 'Thin Man' Watts
9. Willow Brook Tommy Lewis
10. Monkey J. C. Davis
11. A Ritual Pt. 1  The Sparks Orch.
12. Black Eyed Peas The Joe Lee Combo
13. The Foxtrot  Earl Hooker
14. Going Home To Stay  The Big Beats
15. Jump For Joy  Charlie Lucas Combo
16. Gut Bucket  Willard Burton & Stereotones
17. Set Six Jimmy McCracklin
18. Gettin' Away The Turnabouts
19. Tizzy Jon Thomas
20 Scramblin'  Big Charles Smith
21. The Drag Ike & Dee Dee Johnson
22. Mo' Jerk  The Dukeys
23. Chicken Shake  'Gatemouth' Brown
24. Hi Heel Sneakers The Three Souls
25. Wildcat (Pts. 1 & 2) Red Prysock
26. Greens Willie Weems & Outlaws
27. Joe's House Rent Party  Tall Pall Hankins
28. Pompton Turnpike Floyd Morris
29. Henry's In (Pt. 1) Sam Kimble
30. Henry's In (Pt. 2) Sam Kimble


1964 BONUS Disc Two
1. Country Line Special Cyril Davies
2. Twine Time Alvin Cash
3. Big Chief Professor Longhair
4. Party At Lester's Lou Ragland
5. Jerk, Baby Jerk Smoky And The Fabulous Blades
6. The Cat    Jimmy Smith
7. Memphis Lonnie Mack
8. Deuces Wild            Link Wray & The Wraymen
9. So Far Away Hank Jacobs
10. Hot Fudge Bill Doggett
11. Twistin' The Strings Ike Turner
12. That Mellow Thang Dorothy Ashby Trio
13. One More Time  Johnny Hartsman Band
14. Goose Pimples Butch Cornell's Trio
15. Coolin' Out  J. C. Davis
16. Bee Dee David Rockingham Trio
17. Flim Flam  Lionel Torrence
18.Noble's Theme Noble 'Thin Man' Watts
19. Kaiak  Pt.1 Walter Hamilton
20. Ruby's Monkey Willie Mabon
21.Comin' Home Baby  Mike Shapiro & The Sharpies
22. Off the Hook   Big Moose Walker & The Jams
23. Green Onions  Sam Wright
24. Hot Pickles Mack Johnson Combo
25. Poochum The Souljers
26. Talkin' Bout You Pt.1 Luther Randolph & Johnny Stiles
27. Bossa Baby Googie Rene Combo
28. Memphis Bo Diddley
29. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers Clifford Davis
30. Harem Girl  Butch Vaden & The Nite Sounds

RnB Hits
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Mighty Instrumental Hits R&B-Style
Just before the United States joined the Second World War, Jazz was at a crossroads. Big Band Swing was at the height of its popularity amongst white jazz fans, but black audiences were tiring of the bland, easy listening fare being served up by the likes of Glenn Miller. It was high time to put some excitement back into jazz, and the ‘honkers and screamers’ were in the right place at the right time to do it. Jazz purists hated it, but the public lapped it up.

This set brings together all the jazz and R&B instrumentals that reached the R&B charts between 1942 and 1963 and draws a connecting line between Swing, Bebop, Boogie, Jive, Mambo, Rock’n’roll, culminating in the funky organ grooves of Booker T and Jimmy Smith. It still has the irresistible energy that seduced so many in the Forties, Fifties and Sixties and changed the character of popular music forever.

We couldn't get all the hits even on to 4 CDs, so there is an extra 2CD set available as a free bonus set only available direct from us.

Disc One  
1. Main Stem Duke Ellington
2. Hamp's Boogie Woogie  #1 Lionel Hampton
3. Shuffle Woogie Joe Lutcher's Jump Band
4. After Hours Erskine Hawkins
5. Blow Illinois Blow  Illinois Jacquet 
6. Shuffle Boogie Will Rowland & Orchestra
7. Midnight Special Tiny Grimes
8. Back Street  Eddie Chamblee
9. Corn Bread Hal Singer
10. Long Gone (Pt. 2) Sonny Thompson
11. The Huckle-Buck Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams
12. Deacon's Hop Big Jay McNeely's Blue Jays
13. Blues For The Red Boy Todd Rhodes & His Orchestra
14. Mad Lad Sir Charles Thompson's All Stars
15. Cole Slaw Frank Culley
16. Blues After Hours Pee Wee Crayton
17. T Town Twist Roy Milton
18. Mambo Boogie Johnny Otis
19. Red Top Gene Ammons
20. Fat Meat 'n' Greens Edgar Hayes
21. One O'Clock Boogie Count Basie
22. Page Boy Shuffle Joe Thomas
23. Castle Rock Johnny Hodges
24. Old Time Shuffle Blues Lloyd Glenn & Fulson Unit
25. 845 Stomp Earl Bostic
26. Night Train Jimmy Forrest
27. Mellow Blues (Pt. 1) Sonny Thompson
28. Juke Little Walter & His Night Cats

Disc Two     
1. Corn Bread Erskine Hawkins
2. Chica Boo Lloyd Glenn
3. Late Freight Sonny Thompson
4. Thirty-Five-Thirty Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams
5. Layin' the Boogie Piano Red
6. Blue Flame Lennie Lewis
7. Tenderly Lynn Hope
8. Texas Hop Pee Wee Crayton
9. Block Buster Boogie Cecil Payne
10. Sad Hours Little Walter & His Night Caps
11. Junior Jives Roy Milton’s Solid Senders
12. Manteca Dizzy Gillespie
13. All Night Long  Rusty Bryant
14. Hot Biscuits Jay McShann
15. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid Lester Young
16. Walkin' With Sid Arnett Cobb
17. Flamingo Earl Bostic
18. Doby's Boogie  Freddie Mitchell
19. Solo Flight  Benny Goodman
20. Port Of Rico Illinois Jacquet
21. Hoppin' The Griffin Brothers
22. C Blues Barney Bigard & His Orchestra
23. Roll 'Em  Joe Liggins
24. D'Natural Blues Lucky Millinder
25. Wild Wig Big Jay McNeely
26. Flying Home Lionel Hampton Orchestra
27. Barbados Charlie Parker
28. Beef Stew Hal Singer

Disc Three  
1. Honky Tonk (Pt. 1) Bill Doggett
2. Jivin' Around (Pt. 1) Ernie Freeman
3. Topsy (Pt. 2) Cozy Cole
4. Dumplins Doc Bagby
5. Slow Walk Sil Austin
6. Johnny's House Party (Pt. 1) John Heartsman
7. Tricky Gus Jenkins
8. The Hunch Bobby Peterson Quintet
9. Hide Away Freddy King
10. Mashed Potatoes (Pt. 1) Nat Kendrick & The Swans
11. You Can't Sit Down (Pt. 1) Phil Upchurch
12. Sweet Sixteen Bars Earl Grant
13. House Warmin' Howard McGhee & Blazers
14. I've Got A Woman (Pt. 1) Jimmy McGriff
15. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Pt. 2) Jessie Hill
16. Last Night The Mar-Keys
17. Soul Twist King Curtis
18. Night Train James Brown
19. Sack O’ Woe Ray Bryant
20. One Mint Julep Ray Charles
21. Walk On The Wild Side (Pt. 1) Jimmy Smith
22. Green Onions Booker T. & The MG's
23. Watermelon Man Mongo Santamaria Band
24. Hot Cakes Dave "Baby" Cortez
25. Big Mr. C  The Link Eddy Combo
26. Dawn David Rockingham Trio
27. Gonzo James Booker
28. African Waltz Cannonball Adderley
29. The Slide (Pt. 2) Googie Rene
30. Hold It Bill Doggett

Disc Four  
1. Rockhouse (Pt. 1) Ray Charles
2. San-Ho-Zay Freddy King
3. The Clouds The Spacemen
4. Hard Times Noble 'Thin Man' Watts
5. Manhattan Spiritual  Reg Owen & His Orchestra
6. Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock
7. Roller Coaster Little Walter
8. Soft Tiny Bradshaw
9. Ram Bunk Shush Bill Doggett
10. Rinky Dink Dave "Baby" Cortez
11. 7 - 11 The Gone All Stars
12. Morning After The Mar-Keys
13. Late Date The Parkays
14. Nervous Boogie Paul Gayten
15. In the Mood Ernie Fields
16. Poinciana Ahmad Jamal
17. Raunchy Ernie Freeman
18. Jellybread Booker T. & The MG's
19. Wiggle Wobble Les Cooper & Soul Rockers
20. Little Susie (Pt .4) Ray Bryant Trio
21. Bongo Rock Preston Epps
22. The Happy Organ Dave "Baby" Cortez
23. Walkin' With Mr Lee Lee Allen & His Band
24. Red Pepper (Pt. 1) Roosevelt Fountain
25. Flapjacks Googie Rene
26. Back At The Chicken Shack Jimmy Smith
27. Exodus Eddie Harris
28. April In Paris Count Basie
29. Water Boy Don Shirley Trio
30. Pipe Dreams Jimmy Beck
31. Fever Pete Bennett & Embers

BONUS Disc Two
1. Leaps And Bounds (Pts. 1 & 2) Bill Doggett
2. The Madison Time (Pt. 2) Ray Bryant                   
3. Off the Wall Little Walter
4. Memphis Lonnie Mack
5. Beach Party King Curtis
6. All About My Girl Jimmy McGriff
7. Heavy Juice Tiny Bradshaw
8. Chinese Checkers Booker T & MG's
9. The Greasy Spoon Hank Marr
10. Organ Shout  Dave Cortez
11. The Jam (Pt. 1) Bobby Gregg
12. Slow Walk Bill Doggett
13. The Hunch Paul Gayten
14. Dumplin's Ernie Freeman
15. Soft Bill Doggett
16. Rainbow Riot (Pts 1 & 2) Bill Doggett
17. Midnight Special (Pt. 1) Jimmy Smith
18. Secret Love Ahmad Jamal
19. Birthday Party Sil Austin
20. Boo Da Ba Bill Doggett
21. Blip Blop Bill Doggett
22. The Twist  Ernie Freeman
23. Happy Weekend  Dave Cortez
24. Pop-Eye Stroll The Mar-Keys
25. Tic Toc Lee Allen
26. Swingin' Shepherd Blues Johnny Pate
27. Bongo Bongo Bongo Preston Epps

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Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1958
Link Wray’s Rumble and Bill Doggett’s Hold It are the only two big hits included on this collection, which puts a deserved spotlight on both long-forgotten records by established artists and on fabulous obscurities by long-forgotten artists. But rest assured, this is a cracking compilation from start to finish, with Southern swamp rock, spicy New Orleans rhythms and Northern city blues. Guitar and sax-led rockers, slinky organ stompers, Latin groovers – all in all, 60 mighty instrumental stompers from 1958, R&B-style.

Bonus Disc (Only available if bought direct from us)

Disc One  
1. The Toddle  Little Walter
2. Chicken Stuff Hop Wilson
3. Chittlins  Willie Egans
4. Sweet Potato Bill Parker Band
5. The Big Push  Cal Green
6. Bo's Guitar Bo Diddley
7. Ingo  Chuck Berry
8. Hey! Pardner Classie Ballou
9. Move It On Down The Line  Harold Jackson
10. Tore Up  Danny Jones
11. Let's Get It  Edgar Blanchard
12. Upsetter Rock The Upsetters
13. Tickle Toe  Paul Gayten
14. Tic Toc Lee Allen & His Band
15. Collins' Shuffle Albert Collins
16. Yeah! Louis Carpenter
17. Cha Cha All Night Long Joe Houston
18. Bushes Tiny Bradshaw
19. Boppin' & A-Strollin'  Leonard James 
20. Background Lefty Bates
21. Sawmill Section Judge Davis
22. Wolf Call  Earl Washington
23. 7-11 The Gone All Stars
24. Coach Train  Herb Hardesty
25. The Large Charge  The Chargers
26. Midnight Earl Earl Grant
27. The Slide Noble 'Thin Man' Watts
28. Whirlaway Al Tousan
29. Caravan  Cozy Cole Septet
30. Hold It Bill Doggett

Disc Two     
1. Tadpole Wiggle The Stone Crushers
2. The Duck Walk  Chuck Higgins
3. Way Out East  Jake Porter
4. Lonesome Guitar Edgar Blanchard
5. Special Delivery Stomp Earl Bostic
6. Guitar Boogie Chuck Berry
7. Guitar Cha Cha Cha Memphis Slim
8. What's Your Name  The Monorays
9. Frisco Louis Brooks
10. The Freeze Fention
11. Hard Grind Wild Jimmy Spruill
12. Rainbow Riot  Bill Doggett
13. Man That's Choice  Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor
14. Shufflin' The Blues T Bone Walker
15. Boppin' At the Hop Lee Allen
‎16. Night Flight  Jimmy Forrest
17. Hideout Ervin Rucker
18. Chinese Rock & Roll  The Flock-Rocker 
19. Minglin' Buddy Johnson
20. Am I Blue Lefty Bates
21. The Strip The Upsetters
22. Rock-A-Cha Irving Ashby
23. Drum Village Earl Palmer
24. Sassy Herb Hardesty
25. Wiggle Tail  Googie Rene
26. Day Break Blues Sonny Thompson
27. Congo Rock  Panama Francis
28. Green's Blues Cal Green
29. I Am Tipping Out  Bill Ace
30. Rumble Link Wray

Bonus Disc  
1. The Shimmy Chico Booth & The Upsetters
2. Shake It Duke Jenkins
3. Miss Letha Jones The Chargers
4. Little Hawk's Walk Rusty Bryant
5. Hot Tamales Noble 'Thin Man' Watts
6. Honeycomb Edgar Blanchard
7. Flip Flop And Bop Floyd Cramer
8. Wicked Ronnie Isle
9. Cha Cha Rock Rickey Aquary
10. Strollin' Champion Jack Dupree
11. Ala Carte  James Red Holloway
12. Teenage Rock Little 'Gonzo' Booker
13. Crawfish The Stone Crushers
14. Juke Joint Ashton Savoy
15. Miserlou Earl Washington
16. Overton Lea Drive Louis Brooks & His Hi- Toppers
18. Skumbo Googie Rene
19. Rocko Soco The Surf Riders
20. Rumba Rockin' With Coleman Herb Hardesty
21. Track Down Calvin Frazier
22. Chuckwalk Chuck Berry
23. Topsy Pt 2 Cozy Cole
24. Freeze Albert Collins
25. Hi Ho Sonny Thompson
26. Milk Shake T.J. Fowler
27. My Mood  Cliff Butler
28. The Sneak Jimmy Olivers Orchestra
29. South Shore Drive  Noble 'Thin Man' Watts
30. After Hours (No. 2) The Flock-Rocker 
31. Drum Village Part 1 Earl Palmer
32. Swingin' Shepherd Blues Johnny Pate Quintet

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Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1962
1962 was the peak year for hit records instrumental-style, with no less than 123 discs scoring on the American pop charts. There wasn’t much in the hit parade to interest R&B fans though, apart from King Curtis’s Soul Twist, Booker T. & The MG's Green Onions and James Brown’s Night Train, but that’s where Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1962 comes in. So what was new in 1962? A bit of surf, a bit of funk, a brand new rhythm on Boogie Twist. More slinky organ groovers, uptown dancers and late night smoochers for teenagers to dance to. And there you have it – 58 R&B scorchers with rhythm aplenty.

Bonus Disc (Only available if bought direct from us)

Disc One  
1. Boogie Twist  Cal Valentine
2. You Too Much Mighty Men
3. Here It Tis  Phil Upchurch
4. Had Steve Douglas
5. Oops Bill Doggett
6. Mo' Taters The Earthworms
7. Wrinkles Lucky Three Trio
8. Jump Back Eugene Blacknell
9. Smoke Stack Tom and Jerry
10. The Jam Bobby Gregg
11. The Popeye Lonnie Brooks
12. Red Light  Clarence Green
13. Shagnasty Quincy Jones
14. Memphis Twist Earl Forest
15. My Babe Gene Ammons
16. Jump The Merced Blue Notes
17. Smacksie James Booker
18. Twistville Lloyd Glenn
19. Low Down King Curtis
20. Rooty Tooty Lionel Torrence
21. Cleo's Mood Jr. Walker
22. Mo' Onions Booker T. & the MG's
23. Skins And Sounds  The Blazers
24. Florida Shake  Noble 'Thin Man' Watts
25. The Boss  Tonni Kalash
26. Bo's Twist Bo Diddley
27. Foggy Harold Andrews
28. Before Six Larry Frazier
29. Limbo Jimbo James Brown

Disc Two     
1. Love Bounce T-V Slim
2. My Sandra's Jump R.D. Stokes
3. Uptight Herman Griffin
4. The Dribble The Mar-Keys
5. Green Monkeys The Parkays
6. Back To Back Paul Williams
7. Why Do You Twist Hop Wilson
8. 3 O' Clock Stomp  B.B. King
9. Defrost  Albert Collins
10. High Rise Freddy King
11. Oh What A Party Freddie Robinson 
12. Too Tough Gus Jenkins
13. Slipping In  Lee Walker
14. Stretchin' Out Don & Dewey
15. The Crawlback Frank Frost
16. Hard Times Googie René
17. Night Stroll  Harry Lewis
18. Saturday Night Stomp Eddie Kirkland
19. Scratch 'n' Twist Wild Jimmy Spruill
20. House Warmin' Howard McGhee
21. Alley Music Hound Dog Taylor
22. Jet Stream  Jerry McCain
23. One Naughty Flat Mac Rebennack
24. Loco Bill Smith Combo
25. Butter Beans Elliott Shavers
26. Double Whammy The Whammies 
27. You Can't Sit Down Chris Columbo
28. Camp Meetin' Don Wilkerson           
29. The Watusi Roll Hank Marr

Bonus Disc 
1. Bossa Nova Blues Freddy King
2. Shimmy Shimmy Walk (Pts. 1 & 2) The Megatons
3. I've Got A Woman (Pts 1 & 2) Jimmy McGriff
4. Jam Up Twist Tommy Ridgley
5. Beale Street Popeye Earl Forest
6. Church Street Battle Daddy G & The Church Street Five
7. Fat Boy Bob Mersey
8. The Mash Bud Spudd and the Sprouts
9. Tubby (Pts. 1 & 2) James Booker
10. Dance Time Wardell & The Sultans
11. Rufus The Merced Blue Notes
12. Soul Twist King Curtis And His Noble Knights
13. Shuffle Out Long John Hunter
14. Midnight Special Jimmy Smith
15. Rainbow Stomp (Pt. 2)  The Mixtures
16. Look At Your Girl Googie Rene
17. Chop Celery R.D. Stokes
18. Fishtail The Earthworms (Little Milton)
19. Slow Draggin' Wild Jimmy Spruill
20. Crazy Strings Clarence Green
21. Pinetop Johnny Jenkins
22. Shake 'Em Up Elliot Shavers & His Blazers
23. Sting Ray  Bill Ramal
24. Tanya Earl Hooker
25. No Way Out The Mighty Men
26. Three Quarter Stomp  Preston Jackson & Rhythm Aces
27. Keep Getting Up Larry Dale

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Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1960
1960 was the year that Instrumentals hit the charts in a big way with guitar or sax-led rockers and slinky organ groovers. Here are the discs that teenagers wanted to hear in the juke joints: exciting, uptempo stompers with catchy, melodic riffs, along with slow, soulful, down home blues. This compilation throws the spotlight on instrumentals by artists more widely associated with vocals, along with more obscure artists who may only have had one or two releases to their name.

...absolutely cracking double CD of 57 superb R&B instrumentals from a vintage year...we’ve just finished whipping through it and it’s going on again in 5 minutes! More please! New Gandy Dancer

Disc One
1. Jump Awhile Don And Dewey
2. Power House B.B. King
3. Bongo in the Congo Preston Epps
4. Nite-Lite Slop  Jim Conley
5. Boogie Bayou Shuffle Bill Parker
6. Chico Al Tousan
7. Mudd Roy Montrell
8. Slim Jim (Pt. 1) Jimmy Oliver
9. Bloodhound (Pt. 1)  Willie Wright
10. Bloodhound (Pt. 2) Willie Wright
11. Space Flight Grant Green
12. Shaggy Dog Kid King
13. Piano Tuner  Curley Hamner
14. San-Ho-Zay Freddie King
15. Shank Bo Diddley
16. Last Round  Jimmy Liggins
17. The Slide (Pt. 2) Googie Rene Red
18. Hot Red  Young Guitar Red
19. Doublemint Ike Turner
20. Dynamite  Earl Hooker
21. Hurricane Davey Cortez
22. Surfin' Steel Chuck Berry
23. Cool Turkey James Booker
24. Hully Gully Twist Bill Doggett
25. Gully Hully Buddy Guy
26. Dim Lights Skippy Brooks
27. Low Society Lowell Fulson
28. Blue Gator Willis Jackson

Disc Two     
1. Loose Screws George Harmonica Smith
2. Universal Rock Hooker & Wells
3. The Shakedown  Lloyd Glenn
4. Late Hours  Johnny Copeland
5. Walkin' Robert Parker
6. The Blue Eagle (Pt. 1)  James Rivers
7. The Blue Eagle (Pt. 2)  James Rivers
8. Goin' South  B.B. King
9. Arabian Blues  Jimmy Beck
10. Rockin' Accordion Clifton Chenier
11. She Done Move Elmore James
12. Jake's Cha Cha Shakey Jake Harris
13. The Goat Sonny Boy Williamson
14. Rough Stuff Jerry McCain
15. Buttered Popcorn Bill Doggett
16. Tricky Too  Gus Jenkins
17. Spring Fever Henry Hayes
18. Candied Yams  B. Brown
19. Chicken Shack Boogie  Clifford King
20. Trojan's Walla  Henry Clement
21. Honk Honk Honk (Pt. 1) Little Vincent
22. Honk Honk Honk (Pt. 2) Little Vincent
23. Weekend Blues Monte Easter
24. The Twister Bo Diddley
25. Twinky Pee Wee Crayton
26. Snoopin' Around Slim Harpo
27. Air Raid Curley Hamner
28. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Pt. 2) Jessie Hill


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Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1959
1960 may have been the big year for Instrumentals, but back in 1959, several white instrumentals acts were already making a dent in the pop charts, among them the Virtues, the Rebels, the Rock-A-Teens and the Fireballs. Duane Eddy had broken through in ‘58 but in 1959 he had no less than seven singles on the Hot 100. Johnny & the Hurricanes had their first success this year with three big hits. Black artists, however, had less mainstream success. Jimmy Beck sneaked in at #82 for two weeks with Pipe Dreams, Larry Kerrin’s The Hunch was a hit for both Paul Gayten and the Bobby Peterson Quintet; Bill Doggett had three discs in the R&B charts but apart from a couple of organ hits for Preston Epps and ‘Dave Baby’ Cortez, that was it for R&B instrumentals chart-wise. If you’re knocked out by what you hear from 1959, just wait till you find out what was on offer in 1960 and 1961.

Disc One  
1. Let's Go Smitty  Floyd Dixon
2. Mumblin' Guitar Bo Diddley
3. Real Gone Jam Tommy Ridgley
4. Knocked Out The Gondoliers
5. Pacoima Stomp  The Carter Bros
6. Cutting Out Gus Jenkins
7. Hot Cross Buns Paul Gayten
8. Chunk-A-Lunk Jug (Pt. 1)  Mary Lou Williams
9. Chunk-A-Lunk Jug (Pt. 2)  Mary Lou Williams
10. Mashed Potatoes James Brown
11. Mashed Potatoes (Pt. 2) Nat Kendrick
12. Yum Yum  The Swinging Earls
13. Sweet Meats  Garland Davis
14. Perdido Street  Herb Hardesty
15. Storm Warning Mac Rebennack
16. Royal Earl Shuffle  Royal Earl
17. Boney Shuffle  Spot Barnett
18. Soul Groove (Pt. 1) King Curtis
19. Soul Groove (Pt. 2) King Curtis
20. Rock Alley  Lefty Bates
21. Can't Sit Down The Bim Bam Boos
22. Boogie Cha Cha Sam Price
23. Cozy's Mambo Cozy Cole
24. Live It Up Ernie Freeman
25. Talk To Me Baby Doc Starkes
26. Down Yonder Buddy Johnson
27. Swingin' Peter Gunn (Pt. 1)  Jimmy Nolen Swingin'
28. Peter Gunn (Pt. 2)  Jimmy Nolen
29. Zeen Beat Gene Redd

Disc Two     
1. Steppin' Out Memphis Slim
2. The Madison Shuffle  Buster Brown
3. Voodoo Cha Cha The Carter Bros
4. Night Ridin' Doc Starkes
5. Slim's Thing  Willie Dixon/ Memphis Slim
6. Ho Ho Ike Turner
7. Wolf In The Mood  Howlin' Wolf Swingin'
8. The Gate Gatemouth' Brown
9. Blue On Blue Chuck Berry
10. Bobby's Rock Elmore James
11. Harmonica Rock  Little Boyd
12. Diddling Bo Diddley
13. Spanky Gus Jenkins
14. Talkin' Guitar (Pt. 2) Royal Earl
15. Let It Roll (Pt. 1)  Cliff Davis
16. Let It Roll (Pt. 2)  Cliff Davis
17. Blues After Hours Jimmy Nolen
18. E N A Lefty Bates
19. A-Minor Cha-Cha (Eddie) Clear Waters
20. Steady Jerry McCain
21. Cool And Crazy Nick & The Jaguars
22. Night Sounds Ernie Freeman
23. Beatin' and Blowin' Herb Hardesty
24. Honky Tonk Caboose Sammy Price
25. Rollin' Home Louis Brooks
26. Backwards (Pt. 1) Bill Doggett
27. Backwards(Pt. 2) Bill Doggett
28. Sputnik Music  Harmonica George
29. Midnight Jump  Walter J. Westbrook
30. The Hunch Paul Gayten


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Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1961
1960 may have been the year that Instrumentals hit the charts in a big way, but it was in 1961, that their hold on the hit parade was consolidated with a good number of guitar or sax-led rockers and slinky organ groovers. These are the discs that teenagers wanted to hear in the juke joints: exciting, uptempo stompers with catchy, melodic riffs, and slow, soulful, down home blues. Our compilation throws the spotlight on instrumentals by artists who are more widely associated with vocals, along with more obscure musicians who may only have one or two releases to their name. We hope you enjoy these grooves and if you like what you hear from 1961, just wait till you find out what was on offer in 1959, and in 1960!

Disc One  
1. Sen-Sa-Shun Freddy King
2. Cha Cha Cha Blues Phil Upchurch
3. This Morning Albert King
4. Rockin' Wild  Earl Hooker
5. Nothing But Good Reggie Boyd
6. Congo Bo Diddley
7. Sack O' Woe The Mar-Keys
8. Comin' Home Baby Herbie Mann
9. Wash Board The Poor Boys
10. Trackdown Twist Ike Turner
11. Moo Moo Al Tousan
12. El Paso Rock Long John Hunter
13. Caravan The Red Tops
14. Showdown Nat Kendrick
15. Cross Firing James Brown
16. Mashing The Popeye B.B. King
17. Freddy The Freeloader Cleanhead Cootsie
18. Do The Camel Walk Magic Sam
19. Slow Freight (Pt. 1) Bill Elliot Combo
20. Slow Freight (Pt. 2) Bill Elliot Combo
21. Off The Road Gus Jenkins
22. Congolese Tip Renaldo Jackson
23. The Push Hank Marr
24. Rowdy Dowdy Googie Rene
25. Weird Albert & Charles 
26. Truly Eldee Young
27. Cooter Bug Dave Hamilton
28. Feedbag Mac Rebennack
29. Black Cherry Spot Barnett

Disc Two     
1. Dyna Flow Albert King
2. Rockin' With The Kid  Earl Hooker
3. Let's Rock  Johnny Otis
4. Good Times Mac Rebennack
5. The Stumble Freddy King
6. Blue Carnegie  Jimmy Reed
7. Rattlesnake Boogie Jack Dupree
8. The Hawk Freddy Robinson
9. Big Bo's Twist Big Bo Thomas
10. Red River Shuffle  Haze Hart
11. Ram Bunk Shush Hank Marr
12. Don't Touch B.B. King
13. Why Don't You Do Right Herbie Mann
14. Hangout (Pt.1)  Sonny Thompson
15. Hangout (Pt.2) Sonny Thompson
16. You Can't Sit Down (Pt.1) Bill Doggett
17. You Can't Sit Down (Pt.2) Bill Doggett
18. Get It The Parkays
19. Watusi Freeze (Pt.1) Big Walter
20. Watusi Freeze (Pt.2) Big Walter
21. The Chicken Twist Herb Hardesty
22. Lonesome Harmonica  Ace Holder
23. The Squat Big Jay McNeely
24. Night Walk Jimmy Forrest
25. Midnight Shuffle Jump Jackson
26. Jamil (Pt.1) Daddy Goodloe
27. Jamil (Pt.2) Daddy Goodloe
28. Way Down Home Blues  Elliott Shavers
29. Night With Daddy G (Pt.1) The Church Street Five
30. Night With Daddy G (Pt.2) The Church Street Five

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