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Latin rhythms have infiltrated every branch of popular music, but none has had such a wide ranging influence as the rumba. In post-war music, rumba is everywhere, from Little Richard’s Slippin’ and Slidin’ to the Clash’s Rock The Casbah and the Beatles’ Ballad Of John And Yoko. Its 3-2 clave rhythm, which Bo Diddley stylised and made into his very own, became an integral part of American popular music. It is this rhythm, combined with the cha-cha-cha and the New Orleans second line beat that formed the basis of the Stax and Motown sound and the more complex rhythms of funk in the 1960s. But where would rock and soul be without the cha-cha-cha? Satisfaction, Lady Marmalade, Louie Louie... And then there are the bossas, the boleros, the charlestons, the mambos, the sambas, they’re all here in spades in this series of CDs. Turn up the volume and put on your dancing shoes. All CDs include fully illustrated minimum 24 page booklets.


rumba Blues Gone Mambo

The mambo was born in Cuba in 1938, of African and European parentage. It arrived in New York ten years later via Havana and Mexico City. 1954 was the year of the mambo in America as dancers flocked to the ballrooms to see exciting new bands led by Machito, Tito Puente, Perez Prado and Tito Rodriguez. To cash in on the craze, record companies encouraged their R&B artists to come up with songs in a Latin vein and to include the word mambo in the title.

Latin rhythms have infiltrated every branch of popular music, but none has had such a wide ranging influence as the rumba. Its 3-3-2 rhythm, combined with the New Orleans second line beat, formed the basis of the Stax and Motown sound and the more complex rhythms of funk in the 1960s.

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Disc One  
  1. Annie's Mambo T.N.T. Tribble
  2. Cozy's Mambo Cozy Cole
  3. Mambo Blues Cherokee & Band
  4. The Crazy Mambo Classie Ballou
  5. Early Morning Mambo Billy Taylor Trio
  6. Hamp´s Mambo Lionel Hampton
  7. I Just Wanna Mambo Linda Hayes
  8. Night Train Mambo Jimmy Forrest
  9. Night Train Mambo J.J. Jones
  10. Mambo Train The Miracletones
  11. Perdido Mambo Larry Liggett
  12. Showboat Mambo Tiny Grimes
  13. Peter Gunn Mambo Jack Costanzo
  14. Robin's Mambo  Tony Martinez
  15. We Want to See Santa Mambo Big John Greer
  16. Mambo Blues Buddy Lucas
  17. Guitar Mambo Mickey Baker
  18. Mambo Baby Edna McGriff
  19. Mambo Indio Shake Keane
  20. Johnny Comes Marching Mambo Manny Duran
  21. Real Gone Mambo  Bill Doggett
  22. Mambo Beat Walter Ward
  23. Blues 'n' Mambo Chuck Higgins
  24. Mambo With Moody James Moody
  25. Bo Mambo Yma Sumac
  26. South Parkway Mambo The Bop-A-Loos
  27. Goza Mi Mambo Arcano
  28. Cuban Mambo Pérez Prado
  29. Mambo Blues Nat Brooks
  30. Jackie Mambo  Choker Campbell

Disc Two  
  1. Big Joe Mambo Fay Simmons
  2. Helena Mambo Rollee McGill
  3. Hi-Beam Mambo Charlie Ferguson
  4. After Hours Mambo  J.J. Jones
  5. Mambo Jungle  Mel Gray
  6. Blues King Mambo Harmonica ‘Harris
  7. Mambo Baby Dolly Wade
  8. Guitarambo Mickey Baker
  9. Filatone's Mambo  Lawrence Peel
  10. Mambo Classie Ballou
  11. Mambo Blues  Robert Banks
  12. Mamboogie Sonny Burke
  13. Mambino Kid King
  14. Sandman Mambo Chris Powell
  15. Clock Mambo Esther Sutherland
  16. Mambo's Got the Blues  Vin Strong
  17. Mambo Twist  Chaz + 2
  18. Don't Teach Me To Mambo Paul Williams
  19. Slide's Mambo  Buddy Johnson
  20. T-Town Mambo Ernie Fields
  21. Mambo Arribique  Otis Freeman
  22. Mambo Daddy The Celebrities
  23. St Louis Blues Mambo Ellie Russell
  24. Mambo Baby  The Five Tinos
  25. Junior's Mambo  Larry Liggett
  26. Avalon Mambo Gene Casey
  27. Dragnet Mambo Carlos Molina
  28. Lucky Mambo  Juan Toradez
  29. Judo Mambo Jimmy Smith
  30. Mambo Holiday Joe Holiday
Bonus Disc
  1. Mambo Hop Oscar Saldana
  2. Mambostic Earl Bostic
  3. Jumping At The Woodside Mambo Larry Liggett
  4. Mambo Diablo Tito Puente
  5. She Wants To Mambo Chanters
  6. Mambo Mexicano (Pt 1) Gerald Wilson
  7. Mambo Mexicano (Pt 2) Gerald Wilson
  8. Middle Of The Mambo Chuck Higgins
  9. Mambo (Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite I) Machito
  10. Mambo Inn René Touzet
  11. Mambo Macumba Cal Tjader
  12. Calypso Mambo George Browne
  13. Rosco's Mambo Rosco Gordon
  14. Bunny Hop Mambo Duke Ellington
  15. Yiddishe Mambo Mickey Katz
  16. Blues Mambo Sonny Thompson
  17. Mandolino Mambo Chris Powell
  18. Don't Play No Mambo The Charioteers
  19. Mardi Gras Mambo Jody Levens
  20. They Were Doing The Mambo  Joe Liggins
  21. Ma Ma Yoquiero Mambo Larry Liggett
  22. Mambo Inn Count Basie Orchestra
  23. Mambo Is Everywhere  Billy Brooks
  24. Mambo For Dancers B Brown McVouts
  25. Lily Maebelle Mambo Jimmy Wright
  26. Mambo Boogie The Nobletones
  27. Gehakte Mambo Mickey Katz
  28. Good Mambo Tonight Wynonie Harris
  29. Stop Mambo Danny Kirkland
  30. Beginners Mambo Claude Cloud Thunderclaps

'This compilation shows how Latin music's irresistible rhythms first took hold of the blues and brought teenagers black and white on to the dance floor'.

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Rumba Blues From The 1940s
Latin Music Shaping The Blues

Disc One
1. Satan Does The Rhumba Erskine Hawkins And His Orchestra
2. Rhapsody In Rhumba  Cab Calloway
3. Rex Rhumba King Cole Trio
4. T-Bone Blues T-Bone Walker
5. De Laff's On You Louis Jordan
6. Conga Brava Duke Ellington
7. Holy Holy Roly-Poly Skeets Tolbert
8. Saratoga Rock Johnny Sparrow & His Bows & Arrows
9. Harlem Rhumbain' The Blues Hot Lips Page
10. Bongo Blues Russell Jacquet
11. Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land The Charioteers
12. Rhumboogie Freddie Slack with Will Bradley Trio
13. La Rumbantela Machito & His Afro-Cubans
14. Minor Jive Roy Eldridge
15. Death Letter Blues Jimmy Yancey
16. Porto Rico Bunk Johnson
17. Packing Up Getting Ready To Go The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet
18. Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho The Delta Rhythm Boys
19. Ecstasy  Johnny Alston
20. In A Little Spanish Town Cecil Gant
21. He Don't Love Me Any More Helen Humes
22. Mo Pas Lemme Ca The Creole Serenaders
23. Round And Round The Valley Blue Lu Barker
24. Cuban Rhumbarini  Slim Gaillard Trio
25. Pasadena Rhumboogie Joe Lutcher
26. Rich-ual Dance  Buddy Rich

Disc Two
1. Tanya Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers
2. The Plain Old Down Home Blues T-Bone Walker
3. Blow Big Jay  Big Jay McNeely
4. Highway 75 Bill Hayes
5. Bang Bang Boogie  King Cole Trio
6. Calypso Daddy Jeanne Demetz w Johnny Alston
7. New Orleans Is My Home Ellis Walsh
8. Mardi Gras Joe Lutcher
9. Mardi Gras In New Orleans Professor Longhair
10. Oooh La La Paul Gayten
11. Carnival Day Dave Bartholomew
12. Bon Ton Roula Clarence Garlow
13. Freddie's Calypso Freddie Mitchell
14. I Declare This World The Jubalaires
15. Choo Choo The Four Vagabonds
16. Sweet Georgia Brown Brother Bones
17. Manteca Dizzy Gillespie
18. Rhumba Blues King Cole Trio
19. Run Joe Louis Jordan
20. Puerto Vootie Slim Gaillard Trio
21. Back Yard Affair Sonny Thompson
22. Back Home Blues Lowell Fulsom
23. Earl's Rhumboogie Earl Bostic
24. Who's Been Jivin' You A87 Jimmy Witherspoon
25. Drunk Or Sober Goree Carter
26. Mango Blues T.J. Fowler
27. Shake 'Em Up Buddy Johnson

Disc Three
1. Bongo Cito Slim Gaillard Trio
2. Mambo No. 5 Pérez Prado
3. Bongo Blues Dee Williams Sextette
4. Frenesi Freddie Mitchell
5. Push-Ka-Pee She Pie Louis Jordan
6. Hey Little Girl Professor Longhair
7. Hey Pretty Baby Erskine Hawkins
8. Hey Mama!  Joe Liggins
9. Hey Little Girl  Paul Gayten
10. Hey Now Baby Professor Longhair
11. Tropical Fever Russell Jacquet
12. Messy Bessy Dave Bartholomew
13. Jumpin' At The Mardi Gras Joe Lutcher And His Orchestra
14. One, Two, Three Kick Blues Tiny Bradshaw
15. That's Your Last Boogie Joe Swift w Johnny Otis Orchestra
16. Sarah, Sarah! King Perry
17. Mean Old World Blues T-Bone Walker
18. Whose Hat Is That Roy Brown
19. The Blues Rock Texas Johnny Brown
20. Growing Old Smiley Lewis
21. Ah Cubanas Dave Bartholomew
22. Mexican Reminescences Champion Jack Dupree
23. Go Bongo King Cole Trio
24. Sunday Mornin' Blues Edgar Hayes
25. Tia Juana Joe Morris
26. The Mojo Sax Mallard
27. Waga Waga Frantic Fay Thomas

Disc Four
1. Calypso Blues King Cole Trio
2. Tondelayo Big Jay McNeely
3. Wait Now  King Perry
4. Longhair's Blues-Rhumba Professor Longhair
5. Early In The Morning Louis Jordan
6. I Wish You Were Mine T-Bone Walker
7. Long Gone  Sonny Thompson
8. Jesus Met The Woman At The Well The Pilgrim Travelers
9. St Louis Blues The Jubalaires
10. Shadrack The Golden Gate Quartet
11. I Can't Be Satisfied Muddy Waters
12. Bull Fiddle Boogie Pee Wee King
13. Take A Ride Joe Lutcher
14. The Rhumba Blues Skeets Tolbert
15. Bum Mae Dave Bartholomew
16. Blues After Hours Pee Wee Crayton
17. Opportunity Erskine Hawkins
18. Blue Shadows Lowell Fulsom
19. Laguna Oroonee Slim Gaillard
20. You Shouldn't Paul Gayten
21. El Ritmo Little Brother Montgomery
22. Fascination Joe Liggins
23. Rhumba Boogie Woogie Cecil Gant
24. Bongo Boogie Texas Johnny Brown
25. Tenderly Lynn Hope
26. Bahama Joe Louis Jordan
27. Fat Meat 'n' Greens Edgar Hayes

Dancin' Fever

This is a delicious 2CD production with a 28-page booklet choked with information, pictures (the Earl Palmer one is terrific) and a discography that indicates the rhythm pattern associated with the song. The appendix gives instruction on how to speak aloud the rhythm of the beats and tap out the accented beats with your hands (difficult or what?)...Let me assure you on the majority of tracks my foot jumps and I want to dance...The tracks do not appear to be common to the vast amount of PD releases...CD 2 is very interesting with a different feel to your normal run of the mill PD...due to their late 50s/early 60s recording dates...It’s the more obscure tracks...that grab you...The number one and most essential is the quality of the recordings. They are first class and on a personal note, I now have the best copy in my collection of ‘The Freeze’ by Albert Collins. There is a lot to discover and long established collectors will have the opportunity to refresh their musical diet by checking this compilation out. Highly recommended to all.
Keith Scoffham Blues & Rhythm

R012 Dancin’ Fever 1956-1961

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Disc One
1. I'm A Lover Not A Fighter Lazy Lester 1958
2. I've Got Love If You Want It Slim Harpo 1957
3. Got My Mojo Working Muddy Waters 1957
4. Susie Q Dale Hawkins 1957
5. Jump Jack, Jump! Wynona Carr 1956
6. The Crawl Guitar Junior 1957
7. King Kong Big "T" Tyler 1957
8. The Greasy Chicken Andre Williams 1957
9. Arabian Love Call Art Neville 1958
10. Do You Wanna Dance Bobby Freeman 1958
11. Ruby Lee B.B. King 1956
12. When I Meet My Girl Tommy Ridgley 1957
13. I'm Walking Fats Domino 1957
14. For You My Love Paul Gayten 1957
15. Summertime Blues Eddie Cochran 1958
16. Louie, Louie Richard Berry 1957
17. Wicked Old Fever Charles Mad Dog Sheffield 1956
18. Ram Bunk Shush Bill Doggett 1956
19. Good Mornin' Baby Smokey Hogg 1957
20. All Your Love Otis Rush 1958
21. The Wrong Woman Champion Jack Dupree 1957
22. Frenzy Screamin' Jay Hawkins 1957
23. Hush Your Mouth Bo Diddley 1958
24. Bad Boy Larry Williams 1958
25. Pig Tails And Ribbons Leonard Carbo 1958
26. She's Mine All Mine Eddie Lang 1958
27. Tell Me Pretty Baby Screamin' Joe Neal 1958
28. Tequila The Champs 1957
29. It's So Fine Lavern Baker 1957
30. The Freeze Albert Collins 1958
31. Guitar Cha Cha Cha Memphis Slim 1958
32. Star-o Harry Belafonte 1955

Disc Two
1. What'd I Say Pt 1 Ray Charles 1959
2. Mary Ann Texas Ray 1960
3. The Girl That Radiates That Charm Arthur Alexander 1960
4. Messin' With The Kid Junior Wells 1960
5. Where's My Money Willie Jones 1960
6. Heartbreak Little Willie John 1960
7. Raw-Hide Link Wray & The Wraymen 1959
8. And I Do Just What I Want James Brown 1960
9. Hurricane Davey Cortez 1961
10. I Don't Know Ruth Brown 1959
11. Poison Ivy The Coasters 1959
12. Let The Sunshine In Teddy Randazzo 1961
13. Voodoo Woman Curtis Knight 1961
14. Only Sixteen Tal Miller 1958
15. Congolese Tip Renaldo Jackson 1961
16. Hey Little Woman The Orioles 1961
17. You Knows What To Do Barrett Strong 1960
18. Educated Fool Charles Brown & Amos Milburn 1959
19. St Louis Blues The Isley Brothers 1959
20. Topsy Pt 2 Cozy Cole 1958
21. Night Train To Memphis Bobby Hebb 1960
22. Shoo-Doo Andre Williams 1961
23. Cha Cha Cha Blues Phil Upchurch 1961
24. Gully Hully Buddy Guy 1960
25. Frisco Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers 1958
26. Well The Olympics 1958
27. Yours Truly Ford Eaglin 1960
28. Mad Lad Chuck Berry 1960
29. I Wanna Holler Gary U.S. Bonds 1960
30. We Like Birdland Huey "Piano" Smith 1962

Rumba Blues

This is slippery and seductive music with that tricky undercurrrent that rumba beats bring, and to hear how these diverse musicians adapted and bent it to their own styles is just a whole heap of fun. More than that though, if you take the time to read the liner note essay, this collection is instructive history. But history that will put a smile on your face and dip in your step. Elsewhere.co.nz

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I thoroughly recommend this one…all tracks are pretty great…a really excellent compilation…contains tracks you wouldn’t necessarily associate with latin music…it messes together very, very well.
Mark Lamarr BBC Radio 2

RANDB010 Rumba Blues 1940-1952

1. That’s Your Last Boogie Joe Swift with Johnny Otis Orchestra 1948
2. T-Bone Blues T-Bone Walker with Les Hite Orchestra 1940
3. Daybreak Pee Wee Crayton 1951
4. Fat Meat 'n' Greens Edgar Hayes 1949
5. Mambo Boogie Johnny Otis Orchestra 1951
6. Back Home Blues Lowell Fulson 1950
7. Cuba Doll Lloyd Glenn 1952
8. Heartbreaker Ray Charles 1953
9. Hound Dog Big Mama Thornton 1953
10. Woke Up This Morning B.B. King 1953
11. Hey Now Baby Professor Longhair 1949
12. Country Boy Dave Bartholomew 1953
13. Bon Ton Roula Clarence Garlow 1950
14. Jock-O-Mo Sugar Boy Crawford 1954
15. Mardi Gras In New Orleans Fats Domino 1949
16. Tell Me Pretty Baby Lloyd Price 1953
17. Hey Little Girl Billy Wright 1951
18. Banana Split Kid King’s Combo 1953
19. Early In The Morning Louis Jordan And His Timpani Five 1948
20. I Come From Jamaica Chris Powell’s Five Blue Flames 1952
21. Jumping With The Rhumba Sonny Thompson 1951
22. My Baby’s Gone The Ray-O-Vacs 1951
23. Rhumba Blues Skeets Tolbert 1942
24. Roll And Rumba Jimmy Reed 1953
25. I Can’t Be Satisfied Muddy Waters 1948
26. Mexican Reminiscences Champion Jack Dupree 1946

mambo Years

This little gem… the extensive, well-written accompanying notes could usefully be used by anyone lecturing on the subjects.
Brian Smith R2

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If this collection doesn’t put an umbrella in your pina colada then you should see a doctor. There’s the genuinely hard-core instrumental Latin gems bristling with brass such as the Griffin Brothers with Griff’s Mambo, and Illinois Jacquet’s terrific sexy sax on Mambocito Mio. And if you’re thinking this might be all snake hips and exotic women’s hats piled with fruit, there are even Latin tracks from Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf and Elmore James. As a collection to dance to, this is a brilliant idea. Olé! Git down and boogie…er…mambo.
Blues Matters

RANDB012 The Mambo Years 1952-1956

1. Baby Please Don't Go Rose Mitchell 1953
2. Thirteen Women Dickie Thompson 1953
3. Griff's Mambo Griffin Brothers 1953
4. I Cried Jimmy McCracklin 1953
5. I Feel So Bad Chuck Willis 1954
6. Dye-Oooh Mambo Chuck Higgins 1954
7. Salty Dog Marvin Phillips 1954
8. Lovey Dovey The Clovers 1953
9. Mambocito Mio Illinois Jacquet 1954
10. Mambo Baby To-Nite Candy Rivers & The Falcons 1954
11. New Kind Of Mambo Big Maybelle 1954
12. Mambo Baby Ruth Brown 1954
13. Mambo Gunch Chris Powell & The Blue Flames 1954
14. Let's Babalu The Platters & Linda Hayes 1954
15. Mambo Joe Houston 1955
16. Here Comes The Train Bob Roubain with Cliffie Stone 1955
17. Mambo Blues Duke Jenkins 1955
18. One Night Smiley Lewis 1955
19. We Like Mambo Huey "Piano" Smith 1955
20. Hey, Bo Eddie Bo 1956
21. Blow Wind Blow Junior Gordon 1956
22. Slippin' And Slidin' Little Richard 1956
23. Thirty Days Clyde McPhatter 1956
24. Can't Stop Loving Elmore James 1953
25. Congo Mombo Guitar Gable 1956
26. Evil Howlin' Wolf 1954
27. Bo Diddley (take 2) Bo Diddley 1955
28. Mambo Chillun John Lee Hooker 1955
29. Drifting Heart Chuck Berry 1956
30. Harlem Nocturne Neil Lewis and His Quintet 1954

Rumba Jazz

This double CD is a down-for-double delight...booklet is an example of how all such re-issue documentation ought to be: enlightening yet concise, with a sparkling mix of disc labels, vintage photos, sheet music and posters. It’s easily readable and well laid-out...Big Noise From Winnetka has never sounded so hi-fi...a delight throughout, this 2-disc conurbation of how many of our solid sender faves embraced the South American influence. It’s varied in artists and moods..most of it really swings too. And the whole package costing less than most single CDs. Ay-Ay!
Andy Simons IAJRC

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RANDB009 Rumba Jazz

Africa and Latin America together have moulded American popular music since the beginning of the twentieth century. African influences have led to the development of jazz, gospel and blues while successive waves of dance music from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica have largely determined its rhythm. Dance forms and musical stylings such as habanera, bolero, tango, rumba, conga, samba, baion, calypso, mambo, charleston, cha-cha-cha, bossa nova and twistall have their origins outside the USA. This compilation aims to demonstrate just how far back the roots of Latin jazz stretch, well beyond the partnership that Dizzy Gillespie forged with Chano Pozo in founding cubop, the post-war marriage of bebop with Cuban music.

Disc One - Tango-Ragtime-Rumba-Samba
1. New St Louis Blues Johnny Dodds 1927
2. La Rosita Eddie South 1927
3. Rumba Negro Bennie Moten 1929
4. Admiration The Jungle Band 1930
5. Memphis Blues James Reese Europe 1919
6. Charleston, South Carolina Lovie Austin 1924
7. The Peanut Vendor Louis Armstrong 1931
8. Ubangi Man Charles Lavere 1935
9. Under The Creole Moon Noble Sissle 1934
10. El Manisero Don Azpiazu 1930
11. Masabi Alberto Socarras 1935
12. The Music Goes Round And Round Augusto Coén 1936
13. Take Me Away From The River Fletcher Henderson 1932
14. Danzon Carl Kress 1934
15. Heat Wave Joe Venuti 1933
16. Porto Rican Chaos Duke Ellington 1935
17. The Carioca Movita Castaneda 1933
18. Brazil Fred Waring 1942
19. Baia Bing Crosby 1944
20. South American Way Carmen Miranda 1939
21. Big Noise From Winnetka Bauduc and Haggart 1938
22. Tabou The Lecuona Cuban Boys 1936
23. Egyptian Fantasy Sidney Bechet 1941
24. Sous Les Palmiers The Haitian Orchestra 1939
25. The Crave Jelly Roll Morton 1939
26. Blues In C Sharp Minor Teddy Wilson 1936

Disc Two - When Satan Does The Rhumba
1. Satan Does The Rhumba Erskine Hawkins 1939
2. The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana Louis Armstrong 1937
3. The Rhumba Jumps Glenn Miller 1939
4. Lady In Red Xavier Cugat 1939
5. The Weekend Of A Private Secretary Mildred Bailey 1938
6. Sing, Sing, Sing Benny Goodman 1937
7. Jungle Dreams Artie Shaw 1938
8. Harlem Rhumbain' The Blues Hot Lips Page 1940
9. Cuban Boogie Woogie Andy Kirk 1941
10. Rhumboogie Bob Zurke 1940
11. Yancey Special Bob Crosby 1938
12. Surrealism Charlie Barnet 1937
13. Mamacita Fats Waller 1940
14. Begin The Beguine Art Tatum 1940
15. Perfidia Gene Krupa 1940
16. Conga Brava Duke Ellington 1940
17. El Maraquero Antobal's Cubans 1936
18. La Conga En Nueva York Desi Arnaz 1939
19. Chili Con Conga Cab Calloway 1939
20. Cuban Swing Joe Daniel 1938
21. Los Hijos De Buda Edmundo Ros 1941
22. Rhumba In The Dark John Kirby 1941
23. Nague Machito 1941
24. Besame Mucho Edmond Hall 1944
25. Porto Rico Bunk Johnson 1945
26. Las Chiapanecas Woody Herman 1941

Rumba Doo-Wop Vol 1

Rumba Doo-Wop Vol 2
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Disc One

1 Help Me The Aladdins
2 Somebody Changed The Lock The Empires
3 Zindy Lou The Chimes
4 Jingle Jangle The Penguins
5 That's The Way I Like It The Queens
6 When You Dance The Turbans
7 Mardi Gras Mambo The Hawketts
8 Hot Mama The Chanters
9 You Know I Can't Refuse The Five Dollars
10 Do-Be-Do-Be-Wop-Wop The Squires
11 Witchcraft The Spiders
12 Lips Red As Wine The Colts
13 Don’t Do That The Five Tinos
14 Day By Day The Four Freshmen
15 Rollin' Stone The Marigolds
16 Gumbo Mambo The Larke Sisters
17 Grand, Nice, Swell The Ebony Moods
18 Chop Chop Boom The Danderliers
19 Morocco Chant The Moroccos
20 Going Down to Tia Juana The Don Juans
21 Rock It, Davy, Rock It The Jaguars
22 Cha Cha Baby The New Yorkers 5
23 Yacka Hoom Boom The Savoys
24 Cigareetos The Orioles
25 Laverne The Earls
26 Ay Si Si The Dootones
27 Mambo Baby To-Nite The Falcons
28 Watussi Wussi Wu The Tenderfoots
29 Cool, Mambo The Sheppards
30 Red Hots and Chili Mac The Moroccos
31 Man From Utopia The Vel-Aires

Disc Two

1 Brazil The Coasters
2 Goin' Goin' Gone The Jewels
3 Patricia The Rhythm Masters
4 Choo Choo The Cardinals
5 Everybody's Whalin' The Rhythm Aces
6 Gift O' Gabbin' Woman The Nutmegs
7 Stranded In The Jungle The Jayhawks
8 Don't Worry About A Thing The Sweet Teens
9 Cha Jezabel The Notes
10 All My Love Belongs To You The Joytones
11 A Fallen Tear The El Dorados
12 Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Wop The El Capris
13 A-1 In My Heart The Spiders
14 Mambo Fiesta The Calvaes
15 Watusi The Pharaohs
16 Gotta Have You Baby The Combonettes
17 Let's Do The Razzle-Dazzle The Rip Chords
18 I'm Yours The Mellows
19 Last Night The Starlighters
20 Cotton Pickin' Hands The Dukes
21 Show Me The Merengue The Hearts
22 It Was a Night Like This The Turbans
23 So Good The Playboys
24 Tonight The Supremes
25 Mexico Bound The Champions
26 Out Of The Picture The Robins
27 Smooth, Slow And Easy The Drivers
28 Ain't She Got Nerve The Mellows
29 Last Ride The Dukes
30 Down In Mexico The Coasters
31 In Paradise The Cookies

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